Seeds of LIVES

31 Aug 2021

Call for projets

The Interdisciplinary Research Centre LIVES at UNIL (CIR-LIVES) presents Seeds of LIVES, a new type of funding dedicated to research projects still in their conception phase and seeking to submit important funding requests. This fund is ideal to support the launching of larger scale interdisciplinary and/or international projects in the partner faculties of the CIR-LIVES. 

The CIR-LIVES launches a new tool to favour the emergence of interdisciplinary research projects on the life course and vulnerabilities. Advanced researchers (which have a contract at UNIL) are invited to submit projects aiming at launching a new research or to prepare a project funding application until August 31 2021.

The objective of this Call is to accompany and give support during the funding request process that can be associated to the CIR-LIVES and furthermore to the Swiss Expertise Centre in Research on the life course and vulnerabilities (Swiss Centre of Expertise in Life Course Research LIVES, Universities of Lausanne and Geneva). The funding is available and should be invested during 2021-2022.

The total available amount for this Call is 90’000 CHF. The order of magnitude for these funds will be distributed according to the scope of each project, and will range from 10'000 CHF for projects aiming at funds for less than  100'000 CHF and up to 30'000 CHF for projects aiming at more considerable amounts from external sources (FNS, international agencies, foundations, etc.). The fund request/application should be completed within 12 months following the obtainment of a « Seeds of LIVES » fund. Publications and projects directly supported by this fund will automatically be associated to the CIR-LIVES. If other funds are solicited, these should be mentioned in your project proposal.

This Call is limited (in terms of applicants) to the partner faculties of the LIVES-UNIL Centre: SSP, FBM, FDCA, FTSR et HEC.

The theme of the project should be on the life course and vulnerabilities. The interdisciplinary projects will be privileged, as well as projects developed by co-applicants originating from different Research Units, Institutes or Faculties.

The prerequisite conditions to applications are:

  • Holding a PhD
  • Having a work contract at UNIL which covers the duration of the funding period of the final project (ex. Professor, MER).

An expert Committee constituted of the CIR-LIVES bureau members will evaluate the projects based on these criteria:

  • Quality of the project
  • Centrality on the life course and vulnerabilities
  • The project adopts an interdisciplinary approach
  • The project is submitted by an advanced researcher, which is affiliated to UNIL and to one of the 5 mentioned Faculties
  • A project proposal will be submitted to an external source (FNS or other) in the 12 months after receiving the “seed money”.

To submit your application, please fill in the form at the bottom of this webpage by including all documents in English:

  • Description of your project (5 pages; 2’000 words maximum) along with the budget and detailed schedule
  • CV of applicants (1 page) with the list of publications during the last 5 years


Procedure and deadlines

  • 17 June 2021 to 31 August 2021: submissions open for the "Seeds of LIVES" call
  • 1st to 10 September 2021: Evaluation and selection by the Bureau CIR-LIVES members
  • December 2021: "Seeds of LIVES" funding for selected projects starts. 

For more information, please contact us at, specifying you interest for the Seeds of LIVES Call.

What does "Seed Money" mean?

"Seed Money" is a sum of money made available to support a project still in its design phase. This amount is made available to the people developing the project in order to pay for hours of work devoted to the realization of the project in order to eventually submit important requests for external funding. "Seed Money" is therefore a funding which intervenes at the very beginning of the gestation of a research project in order to allow it to develop. It is the opportunity to concretize a project that only exists on paper! 

Winning projects