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About the LIVES Centre

The LIVES Centre is a research network on the life course and vulnerability based at the Universities of Lausanne (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences) and Geneva (CIGEV). LIVES has about 200 members in its host institutions as well as in other Swiss and international institutions, such as HES-SO, UNIFR, UNINE and UZH.

Organisation of the LIVES Centre

Prof. Daniel Oesch (UNIL) and Prof. Clémentine Rossier (UNIGE) are co-directors of the Centre. The management is responsible for the Centre's scientific, institutional and financial strategies. 

Within each host institution, a Bureau made up of professors and senior members of the LIVES Centre support the management and participate in decision-making. 

The mission of the Advisory Board is to provide advice to the Executive Board and to act as a review body for LIVES Centre projects. It is made up of experienced academics from both national and international backgrounds.

The General Assemblies of the CIR-LIVES (UNIL) and the CIGEV-LIVES (UNIGE) vote on the rules of the Centre LIVES and their modifications. The General Assemblies are also a forum for information and discussion, where the voice of staff and members can be heard and where they are kept informed.