Scientific papers

Publication of LIVES research and results in scientific journals.

LIVES Working papers

LIVES Working papers are articles which aim to share ideas before their formal publication in scientific journals.  

Life-course research and social policies (Springer)

This Series invites academic scholars to present advances in the analysis of the life course, and to elaborate on implications for social policies. 

LIVES Impact

These policy briefs raise awareness about LIVES research findings. They are published in short version (trilingual FR / EN / DE) and full version. 

Social change in Switzerland

These contributions document the evolution of the Swiss social structure and are addressed to the actors of social policies.

Dictionary of Swiss Social Policy

LIVES in collaboration with the HES-SO, FHNW and SVSP supported the production of this new dictionary (published in Nov. 2020)

Interactive glossary


A shared language to foster research about vulnerability and life-course. 



LIVES members have participated in the redaction of multiple reports.