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24 doctoral students present promising thesis projects

On Thursday 15 February 2024, at the University of Geneva during the LIVES Doctoriales, the Centre's 24 doctoral students had the opportunity to present the progress of their thesis project to their peers and interdisciplinary experts.


Portrait of Doriana Tinello

We spoke to Doriana Tinello, a doctoral student at CIGEV (UNIGE's Centre interfacultaire en gérontologie et d'étude des vulnérabilités) and a member of the LIVES Centre. She shares with us what led her to start a doctorate and the challenges of her research.


Analysing 20-year diaries to understand lifelong learning

Adults continue to learn throughout their lives, particularly at times of transition or novelty. However, the social sciences have done little to investigate the nature of what is learned, and have so far focused mainly on the professional domain.


End-of-life healthcare skills - Thesis by Clément Meier

On Wednesday 13 December 2023, Clément Meier defended his thesis and was awarded a doctorate in the human and social sciences of medicine and health from the University of Lausanne. The entire LIVES Centre team congratulates him on this great achievement!