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Kalendaro - Educational workshop on the construction of social inequalities

It's possible to tackle the causes of social inequality with students in the classroom or at UNIL! The LIVES Centre runs free "Kalendaro" workshops to introduce teenagers to the various concepts linked to the study of life courses: the construction of vulnerabilities, the accumulation of resources, the interdependence of life domains. These questions enable students to reflect on their own resources and put them in the shoes of researchers.

After a group workshop, the students actively participate by conducting an interview, followed by an in-depth analysis, in order to develop skills such as perceiving interdependencies and reflecting on their own possibilities for action.

The emerging life-course approach, which integrates various disciplines such as sociology, psychology and economics, is distinguished by its comprehensive examination of individual trajectories through the different stages of life and domains of existence. This methodology, studied longitudinally, focuses on the overall context of individuals, analysing the accumulation of disadvantage as a source of inequality, while recognising the capacity of individuals to make active choices in their life course.

Information and registration on the Kalendaro page of the LIVES Centre (in French) or on the UNIL Eprouvette website (in French).