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Gender and occupations Directed by Nicky Le Feuvre

This project aims to develop an interdisciplinary theoretically innovative perspective on gendered aspects of the life course that enables us to clarify the conceptual insights to be gained from the term “vulnerability,” as compared to more frequently used concepts (e.g. social exclusion, poverty, precariousness). We are particularly interested in analysing the possible hiatus between objective resources and lifestyles and the subjective perception of vulnerability; in the ways individuals or groups perceive themselves as being at risk of being unable to achieve their desired objectives and goals, both in their professional careers and in their personal/intimate lives.

During Phase 1 (2011-2014), this project was entitled "Vulnerability at the interface of professional and family life: Gender and occupational differentials" (IP6).


The DAISIE project (Dynamics of Accumulated Inequalities for Seniors in Employment) explores the gendered impacts of policies and practices aimed at extending working life (EWL) in five contrasting national settings (the Czech Republic, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK). It is funded by the transnational research programme “Dynamics of Inequality Across the Life-course: structures and processes” (DIAL) in the framework of NORFACE (New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Cooperation in Europe)

Musicians' LIVES

The “Musicians' Lives” study focused on musicians in Switzerland. The objective was to better understand their personal and professional careers, as well as their individual and collective experiences related to this occupation.


Nicky Le Feuvre


Prof. Laurence Bachmann, Prof. Eric Davoine, Prof. Farinaz Fassa, Prof. Morgane Kuehni, Prof. Eléonore Lépinard, Prof. Muriel Surdez, Prof. Boris Wernli
Dr. Soline Blanchard, Dr. Isabel Boni-Le Goff, Dr. Michèle Ernst Staehli, Dr. Lavinia Gianettoni, Dr. Gaële Goastellec, Dr. Valeria Insarauto, Dr. Marc Perrenoud, Dr. Thierry Rossier, Dr. Nathalie Rougier

Doctoral students
Pierre Benz, Roberta Besozzi, Marie Sautier, Romina Seminario, Najate Zougari

Senior research fellow 
Cler Marylou

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