Doctoral programme

The LIVES Centre proposes a Doctoral Programme intended in the first instance for doctoral students in social science and psychology who include life course issues in their work. The Doctoral Programme aims to provide courses of study leading to high-quality doctorates within a reasonable period of time and to facilitate the professional integration of doctoral students in academic and other careers.

Programme doctoral du Centre LIVES

It is organised over a period of four academic years, due to the six or seven modules each year. Four topics are addressed:

  1. Theories and concepts in life course analysis
  2. Scientific research skills
  3. Research practices and professions
  4. Gender and sciences

Each year "Doctoriales" are being organised, which are an opportunity for all PhD candidates within the Doctoral Programme to present their work in front of LIVES members and external experts.

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LIVES doctors

See the photos and theses of all the researchers who have obtained their doctorate with LIVES, since 2012.

Map of LIVES former doctoral students

A doctoral thesis... and then what?! See the map of the career paths of Doctors who attended LIVES doctoral programme, in the academic, public or private sectors.  


Carte des anciens doctorants LIVES


  • 9 February 2023
    Doctoriales - University of Geneva

Guides for PhD students and postdocs

With the help of the federal program for equal opportunity for women and men, the equality offices of the Swiss universities (BULA) offer two very useful guides for doctoral candidates and for postdocs.

Guide - Getting your thesis off to a good start    Guide - Beyond the doctorate

Furthermore, doctoral candidates are encouraged to attend the CUSO cross-disciplinary programs for developing generic skills.

Valuable information on the doctorate, academic careers and its alternatives, as well as many other useful links for doctoral students and postdocs are also available on the Portal for next-generation academics.

Conflict management policy

The LIVES Centre encourages anyone involved in a difficult work or study situation to try to use dialog and mediation to arrive at a solution before the conflict escalates. LIVES conflict management policy.