Old age Directed by Matthias Kliegel

This project’s objective remains that of studying well-being among the elderly, notably based on the VLV survey data. Our interdisciplinary research is concerned with the dynamic interplays that take place in old age between health problems, psychological functioning and regulation, individual actions, and the interpersonal, institutional and cultural contexts in which elderly live. These relations are central in the mechanisms generating situations of vulnerability and processes of vulnerabilisation among old adults, as well as in those improving their resilience and capacity to sustain their well-being. Consequently, our two research objectives aim to explore 1) the life-course construction of vulnerabilities among old adults, and 2) the articulation of individual, social and institutional resources in the care of the elderly.

During Phase 1 (2011-2014), this project was entitled "Behind the democratization of old age: Inequalities within progress" (IP13).


Matthias Kliegel


Prof. Jean-François Bickel, Prof. Claudio Bolzman, Prof. Olivier Desrichard, Prof. Christian Maggiori, Prof. Michel Oris
Dr. Marie Baeriswyl, Dr. Nicola Ballhausen, Dr. Isabel Baumann, Dr. Ruxandra Oana Ciobanu, Dr. Delphine Fagot, Dr. Andreas Ihle, Dr. Barbara Masotti, Dr. Ben Meuleman, Dr. Sascha Zuber

Doctoral students
François Geiser, Siboney Minko, Rojin Sadeghi, Julia Sauter, Rose van der Linden

Research assistants
Elisa Gallerne, Melissa Nobile, Margaux Pimont, Doriana Tinello

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