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Career paths Directed by Jérôme Rossier

Adopting a broad psychological perspective and considering the roles of environmental resources and cultural background, this project studies the direct and moderating/mediating effects of 1) individual characteristics (such as personality, character strengths, or justice beliefs), 2) professional conditions and demands (e.g., job strain, discrimination at the work place, job insecurity), and 3) individual resources (such as adapt-abilities resources, self-efficacy or self-regulatory skills) on adults’ career transitions and pathways and their successful development. A longitudinal approach with a sample of middle-aged employed and unemployed adults (25-55 years) focus on identifying vulnerabilities and the psychological resources – or resilience factors – that enable them to be overcome, in order to predict both objective and subjective career pathways.

During Phase 1 (2011-2014), this project was entitled "Professional trajectories: Impact of individual characteristics and resources, and cultural background" (IP7).


Jérôme Rossier


Prof. Alexandra M. Freund, Prof. Fransciska Krings, Prof. Christian Maggiori, Prof. Willibad Ruch

Dr. Laure Freydefont, Dr. Fabian Gander, Dr. Jennifer Hofmann, Dr. Koorosh Massoudi, Dr. Ieva Urbanaviciute

Junior SNFS Researcher
Shagini Udayar

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