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Open Elite Data Project Felix Bühlmann

Under the direction of Felix Bühlmann, a team of researchers and IT specialists from Obelis and the University of Lausanne is working on a sustainable, data protection-sensitive and open-source management of statistics on Switzerland's elites. With funding from Swissuniversities, this project aims to achieve 3 goals:

  1. Developing and implementing an open science strategy to provide easy access to data on Swiss elites as well as tools to analyze and visualize results.
  2. Integrating these principles into the "World Elite Database" (WED), an international network of researchers working on the national elites of several countries (England, France, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland, Finland, Italy and others to come).
  3. Creating training courses, conferences and a summer school for young researchers, as well as data visualization tools to strengthen the international scientific community investigating elites.


Important links:

Website of the Swiss Elite Observatory (OBELIS)

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