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24 doctoral students present promising thesis projects


On Thursday 15 February 2024, at the University of Geneva during the LIVES Doctoriales, the Centre's 24 doctoral students had the opportunity to present the progress of their thesis project to their peers and interdisciplinary experts. The aim is for young researchers to compare their research projects with their colleagues on a regular basis. They take advantage of this day of short conferences to gather advice from more experienced researchers or from other disciplines in order to enrich their research.

The presentations cover a wide range of projects associated with the LIVES Centre and cover topics ranging from childcare practices in Kenya to the role of the residential environment on biological ageing. Taken as a whole, the variety of the 24 projects reflects the many facets of vulnerability and its construction throughout the life course.

Below is a list of LIVES doctoral students and their thesis topics. The PDF documents also provide short extracts for each project. 

Cohort 2023 - 2025 - Programme and abstracts (PDF)

  • Abughul Philip. Employment Status and Childcare Practices in Kampala and Nairobi. 
  • Behr Johanna. Career Trajectories and Professional Socialization of Aspiring Elites in the Swiss Field of Finance. 
  • Fernandez Garcia Javier. Conflict, support, and family salience in personal networks: the role of societal values and family policy. 
  • Foretay Taïs. The permeability of the Swiss educational system to the test of individual pathways: Intersectional perspective on aspirations and ascending educational trajectories. 
  • Lenko Mariya. Linking Occupations and Couple’s Homogamy. Mechanisms and Trajectories. 
  • Sanchez Sienra Rodrigo. Equal opportunity policies in the Swiss compulsory education system. 
  • Tenorio Mucha Janeth. Social, health and work-related factors associated to non-communicable diseases among migrants in process of regularization in Geneva, Switzerland. 
  • Magdaraog Kristel. Narratives of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) during the COVID-19 Pandemic (tentative). 
  • Bornet Guillaume. Political Orientation and Occupational Orientation; Disaligning Compasses? Evolution of the Links Between Occupational Class and Political Attitudes 
  • Petrini Sonia. Essays on equality of opportunity 
  • Moles Benjamin. Lone parenthood back and forth. A multidomain and multidirectional life-course perspective. 
  • Wang Wen. The role of the residential environment on biological ageing in the UK 
  • Lachkovska Vasilena. Origin-Based Discrimination: Tracing Transferable Biases across Life Domains and Generations 
  • Spasic Magdalena. Post-separation physical custody arrangements and child well-being in Switzerland. 
  • Sampaio Greve Milena. Empowerment of marginalized youth. Career counseling in group setting to prevent long-term NEET status. 
  • Semaani Claire. "The Interrelationships Between Maternal, Paternal and Child's Mental Health Over Time". 
  • Reichert Maximilian. The gendered nature of care and work behaviours in European societies. 
  • Rohrer Niels. Video game consumption and life course: How to analyse gamer practice? 
  • Rostekova Adriana. The impact of critical life events and context effects on the maintenance of cognitive functioning across the lifespan: protective and risk factors. 

Cohort 2021 - 2024 -  Programme and abstracts (PDF)

  • Oscar Waltz. Recognition and vulnerabilities needs and obstacles in child protection policy.
  • Leonhard Unterlerchner. Transitions from school to work after an apprenticeship: Impact of COVID 19 pandemic. 
  • Guillaume Fernandez. A Relational approach to adverb use 
  • Lisa Bornscheuer. Childhood adversity and disadvantage trajectories in adulthood: A comparison of mediating and moderating factors by gender. 
  • Paul Schuler. Mapping social network: Exploring Geography’s role in young adult’s social capital and support in Switzerland.