Life course transitions: Cross-over and spillover effects - Workshop CCI1

27 Nov 2020

The workshop mobilizes three key concepts of the life course: the notion of linked lives (ties between individuals and related crossover effects), multidimensionality of the life course (interdependency between spheres of lives and related spillover effects) and the notion of timing of events.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together evidence of the critical role of the timing of event(s), to discuss how the effects extend and persist across generations and domains, and data availability to conduct such studies.

Four experts will present and discuss qualitative and quantitative studies in this perspective on topics concerning family and work transitions across generations, the effect of working and family trajectories on health, the link between material mental health and child development, and the effect of time of parental separation on child wellbeing.

Full information, programme, abstracts and expert biographies in the following document. 


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Prof Laura Bernardi and Dr Danilo Bolano – University of Lausanne, LIVES Centre