Conference by Prof. Tania Zittoun - "Making sense of one's life"

12 Fév 2021

Sociocultural psychology aims at understanding how persons develop as unique within their societal, relational, symbolic and material environments. Admitting the principles of lifecourse and lifespan research, it proposes theoretical tools and methodologies aiming at capturing people’s experiences as they live: how they make sense of what happens, how they develop within the changing situations they encounter, how they imagine alternatives, and what they learn… from living. This presentation will illustrate this theoretical approach through examples taken from past and current projects based on the qualitative analysis of various types of longitudinal data, including diaries.

Tania Zittoun is professor at the Institute of psychology and education at the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland). She develops a sociocultural psychology of the lifecourse, with a focus on transitions and the role of imagination; her current fieldworks examine mobility, as well as ageing.

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