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Unfolding of involuntary career changes: A longitudinal, plural, and idiographic perspective Jonas Masdonati

In a volatile labor market, individuals are confronted with diverse types of career transitions. Among these, involuntary career changes are critical moments in the career path. They can be time-consuming and require considerable adjustment, posing challenges not only for the individuals but also for their personal environment and the career professionals supporting them.

Drawing on a longitudinal, multi-perspective qualitative methodology, the project aims to understand involuntary career change as a temporal and relational process. The first part of the project captures the subjective experiences and long-term trajectories of people forced to change careers because of health issues, low employability, or lack of recognition of their qualifications. The second part compares workers’ experiences of career change with the perspectives and experiences of people in their entourage and career professionals.

On a scientific level, the research addresses the lack of knowledge on involuntary career change experiences while contributing to broader reflections on the challenges of access to decent, dignified, and sustainable careers. On a social level, it helps promote long-term career support that takes into account the meaning workers attach to career change, draws on their personal and institutional networks, and prevents precarious career paths


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