Board of directors

Dario Spini

- Leader of project "Cause Commune"
- Leader of project "Stress and resource dynamics in social interactions and across analysis levels" (CCI2)
- Member of project "Health in vulnerable groups" (IP2)
- Member of project "Meso-level and policy mechanisms of vulnerability" (IP1)
LIVES Centre
University of Lausanne
Geopolis Building
Office : 5159

Eric Widmer

- Leader of project "CH-X Trajectories of young adult army recruits"
- Leader of project "The negotiation of divorce agreements and gender (in)equality in Switzerland"
- Member of project " Meso-level and policy mechanisms of vulnerability (meso-level)" (IP1)
- Member of project " Life-course mechanisms of vulnerability in old age: The role of multidomain reserves (ageing)" (IP3)
- Member of project "Family ties and vulnerability processes: Network-wide properties, agency and life-course relational reserves (family)" (IP5)
LIVES Centre
University of Geneva
Sociology Department
Bd du Pont d'Arve 40