IEE (UNIGE) webinar - "Distributional Effects of Transportation Policies"

30 Sep 2020

The Institute of Economics and Econometrics invite you to their webinar, which will be held on Wednesday 30 September 2020 from 14:15 to 15:30.


Distributional Effects of Transportation Policies
Prof. Isis DURRMEYER - Toulouse School of Economics, France - (joint with Nicolas Martinez Franco)

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Password: M3250


We compare alternative transportation policies to reduce emissions of pollutants from traffic. We develop a structural model of transportation mode choice with endogenous congestion. The model considers car trip durations are endogenous equilibrium outcomes from a transportation mode choice and the road congestion technology. We estimate the model using rich survey data on individual transportation habits combined with big data on trip durations from Uber and Google maps and high frequency traffic data for Paris area. We use this model to quantify the impacts of hypothetical transportation policies used to reduce car traffic and compare their distributional consequences.

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Program of the seminar