Colloque LINES / LIVES - Children’s and Parents’ Well-Being in Joint Physical Custody Arrangements

16 Nov 2021

  • Lecturer: Anja Steinbach, University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Title: Children’s and Parents’ Well-Being in Joint Physical Custody Arrangements: Results of the „Family Models in Germany“ Study
  • Host : Laura Bernardi, Chiara Comolli


  • University of Lausanne, Géopolis Building, Room 5899 (COVID Pass necessary)


Joint physical custody (JPC), a parental care arrangement in which children live with each parent a substantial amount of time after separation or divorce, is a major shift from the standard of sole physical custody (SPC), with mostly mothers providing primary childcare after family dissolution. This presentation will focus on the association between JPC and the well-being of children and parents, based on data from the “Family Models in Germany” (FAMOD) study that was conducted in 2019. In sum, there is empirical evidence that suggests that JPC arrangements are positively associated with various dimensions of the well-being of children and parents in Germany. However, analyses revealed that the bivariate differences often disappear after controlling for sets of children’s, parents’, and family characteristics as well as indicators of relationship qualities. Thus, it is not the physical custody arrangement that induces the better well-being of children and parents, but rather the family characteristics that are associated with the choice of a certain physical custody arrangement.


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